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How FRP Cable offers consistent and a best quality product to customers?

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The common thing found everywhere, especially in construction sector is the installation of cables.  These cables may get damaged due to environmental changes or other factors.  An FRP cable is a cable that is made out of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) material which is supposed to have more strength than steel material.  FRP is preferred because it does not rot, rust, or corrode.  It stops insects from attacking the cables. FRP cable is used as it is an ideal material when compared to cables made out of other materials like aluminium, steel, and wood. The features of FRP cable have enhanced the demand for it in other applications also.  An FRP tray is a frame made out of corrosion-resistant fibre reinforced plastic that provides the required protection case for instrumentation and electrical installations.  The material used for the FRP cable tray is lightweight and has a special quality of not rusting because of changes in the environment.

What is the procedure involved in the manufacturing process of the FRP cable tray?

The consistency and quality of the product mainly depend on the manufacturing process of the product.  FRP cable trays are produced by implementing the pultrusion process.  This makes the product durable and long-lasting.  Pultrusion is supposed to be a process of composite synthesis.  In this process, the action of pulling the fibres through a heated die is done.  When the fibre is passing through the heated die, required pressure is applied to it. This makes the resin melt accordingly and further goes through the fibrous reinforcement process. In short, the manufacturing process involves the conversion of a combination of liquid resin and reinforced fibres into the fibre-reinforced polymer.

What are the different types of Cable trays manufactured?

When the market is analysed in depth, it is found that the product is manufactured as per the requirement or the demand for the product. The FRP Cable Tray Manufacturers India ensures to produce good quality products that are resistant to all chemical reactions.  The durability and fine quality of the product is their prime objective. Since the applicability of FRP cable trays is in areas like chemical plants, water treatment plants, offshore platforms, oil refineries, and metal refineries, special care is taken in ensuring that all FRP cable trays are manufactured to pass through several tests before actually being sold. Some types of FRP cables trays manufactured are:

  • FRP  tray- Ladder

    The ladder-type cable tray will possess more strength and hence can be utilized in power distribution industries. The ladder-type FRP cable tray comes with or without a cover and provides good ventilation to the cables inside it.  This result in the long life of the cables.

  • Cable tray -Channel(perforated)

    Even this type of cable tray comes with or without a cover. The difference is that the tray does not look like a ladder with bifurcation.  Rather it looks like a channel with perforations or small holes in the cable tray.  This type of cable tray can be used for controlled cable installations that are smaller in size. They have the capacity of holding a large number of branch lines and hence load bearing capacity is more. Perforated cable trays can be utilized by placing them on the wall with the help of brackets.  Further, they can be hung with the support of a centre rod, two-trapeze configuration, or C-hanger.

Importance of FRP products
  1. Easy installation: The FRP cable trays can be installed in the desired place using simple carpenter tools.
  2. Less weight: The weight of the FRP products is 75 to 80% less than similar products made by using steel, and 30% less than aluminium. Hence they can be lifted and placed in the desired location.
  3. Prevention: The products are prevented from getting affected by chemical reactions or by water (when immersed). The moisture is prevented as the FRP products consist of the surfacing veil, pigmented resin, and UV inhibitors. These features absorb moisture and prevent the FRP products from wrapping.  The chances of getting rusted are not also nil.
  4. Durability: The FRP products are durable and do not break very easily. The impact of the pressure from external sources is found less in FRP products when compared to products made using materials like steel, wood, etc.

Whatever material is used in production; the ultimate output is to produce harmless products that can be used by the customers without fear. Hence the manufacturers should focus on it.


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