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How expensive can keeping a cat be

want to know if your pooch will fit into your budget, here is all you need to know

by khushisoni
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Sometimes people think cats do not make a good pet because they are always unfriendly and grumpy and they do not know how to take care of a cat. Well, they can not be more wrong. Cats are incredibly loving and playful, they make fantastic pets. They are not as high maintenance as dogs, and if you live in small apartments with little space, they are the perfect choice for you. Keeping cats as pets is not as expensive as dogs for a number of reasons, but how much on average would you be spending on taking care of your cat? Let’s see.


To start with, the amount you would be spending on your pooch depends on the breed of the cat and the type of lifestyle you provide them, but to keep them happy and healthy you will be spending the most amount in the first few months of bringing the cat home. When you bring them home you need to spend on beds and bowls for your pet. You need to buy a litter box and of course, you need to invest in collars and leashes for your pet. These are one-time expenses although your world has to replace them after a few years that is something to think about in the future.



Cats have imprinted feeders, it is very common for a cat to be a picky eater. You will have to understand your cat’s eating habits and choices. For this, I would suggest not buying cat food in bulk in the beginning. Bring home the testers and after trying and consulting your vet decide what suits you the best. 


The first thing to do in the first week of bringing your pooch home is to go to the vet. Consult your doctor about the health of your pooch. Kittens and stray cats require vaccination, it is very likely that your new pooch has ticks or other pests. Getting rid of them can be a little expensive but then again it is a one-time expense. You can always search for “affordable cat grooming near me


You have to prepare for everything. I suggest that, if you travel often you should look for a good boarding beforehand and if possible make a booking beforehand as well. Boardings do not necessarily have to be very expensive there are a lot of options available to choose from you need to search “cat boarding in Bangalore


If you want to make your cat an indoor cat you need to spend a little extra on your pooch. It is very important to have cat trees or a home jungle gym in your house to keep your cat entertained and healthy. I can assure you once you buy these things they will last for years. 


Taking care of a cat can be a little expensive but it is nothing as compared to the amount of love and satisfaction they provide us. If you are planning to get a cat to calculate all these costs and you can decide the breed that fits in your budget, you will be good to go.

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