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How Can You Extract Companies Data From LinkedIn?

How To Extract Data From LinkedIn?

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Why Scraping Data From LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular online business directories and social media sites that companies use to grow their business. It offers companies great visibility on the Internet and also helps you to find prospective customers online. LinkedIn is a great source to collect local business data as well as international business data. That is why sales professionals are now using LinkedIn to look for potential b2b sales leads.

LinkedIn website is one of the major sources to build hot b2b leads lists of business owners. It helps you to build contact lists of professionals and business owners based on different search criteria.

Using LinkedIn, you can build a b2b email database based on location, facilities, services, distance, ratings, reviews, neighborhoods, and so on. But the challenge is, it is a time-consuming & tiresome task to manually extract business data from LinkedIn Businesses as there are millions of businesses listed.

For example, when you search for a Graphic designer in New York, more than 1000 results have been displayed that run across multiple pages.


How Can You Scrape LinkedIn Data Automatically?

If you want to extract the list of Graphic designers in New York, you need to manually copy-paste the name, email address, phone number, fax number, address, website URL, etc. into your Excel sheet or any other database from LinkedIn profiles. If you want to extract reviews from LinkedIn business profiles it is also a big problem because many businesses have thousands of reviews. So, it would be a lengthy process to extract data from a single LinkedIn company profile.

It is a boring and tiring task to scrape LinkedIn for b2b leads for busy sales professionals like you. It wastes your all-time you in searching for b2b prospects on LinkedIn and gives you very little time to speak with your prospects. Is there a way to quickly extract thousands of business data from LinkedIn?  Yes, there you can use a web scraping tool such as LinkedIn Company Extractor.

Extract Data From LinkedIn Company Profiles With LinkedIn Company Scraper

LinkedIn Data Extractor enables you to easily & effortlessly extract business contact lists from LinkedIn without any programming skill with a single click of a button. You can extract data for any business or professional in any country or city with the help of this best LinkedIn Scraper.

The LinkedIn Data Extractor intelligently extracts the business email address (if given), phone number, location, website URL, rating, reviews, hours, etc. in a click and transfers them into the grid of the software. You can also directly extract a LinkedIn company profile to your Excel sheet or database with a click of a button. LinkedIn Crawler enables you to build a huge list of targeted businesses from LinkedIn in no time. LinkedIn Profile Scraper provides structured LinkedIn data without the technical hassle.

Wrap Up:

So, in this way, you can easily search and extract thousands of business data from LinkedIn search results and profiles without learning any coding skills using this LinkedIn lead generation tool. If you need a real business database from LinkedIn for b2b marketing then you should try this LinkedIn company extractor software to save time and money. Above mentioned LinkedIn scraping tool is the best option for you to start the journey of LinkedIn scraping.

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