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How Can I Make My Own SVOD Platform?

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Online video streaming has become a trend today. A video of just 30 seconds can make you an overnight sensation. Video has the great potential to win hearts and turn you into a celebrity. Thanks to the Internet and its widespread availability, anyone can become famous and get quick fame through video monetization. 

Video streaming is becoming increasingly popular, and there are numerous ways to monetize video to make money. SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD are the three methods. SVOD is the best and most profitable method used by the majority of businesses all over the world. When it comes to a steady stream of income from video streaming, the SVOD platform model is the clear winner. 

What Does Statistics Say?

  • Revenue from video streaming (SVoD) will reach US$80.83 billion in 2022.
  • Revenue will grow at a rate of 11.48 percent per year (CAGR 2022-2027), resulting in a market volume of US$139.20 billion by 2027.
  • In global terms, the United States will generate a revenue of US$34,100.00m in 2022.
  • Statista predicts that sales of SVOD streaming services and VOD platforms will increase by 11% globally.
  • By 2026, there will be 1,486.8 million customers in the video streaming category (SVoD).

Why Choose Subscription Video on Demand Services?

The success of your video-on-demand business depends on the monetization strategy you’ve chosen. SVOD subscription video-on-demand service, for example, is a well-known and successful business model. You can make money by selling your videos. Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, etc., are the top leaders in SVOD service.

You can, however, use the SVOD subscription service to

  • Increase your earnings
  • Increase the audience size
  • Build a brand

Build your own SVOD platform with cutting-edge features and technology if you want your business to stand out from the competition and beat giant services.

How to Build Your Own SVOD Platform?

Here are a few easy steps you need to consider to build your own subscription video on-demand service.

# Build a Brand Image and Manage First Impressions

The cliches about first impressions have stayed for a long time because they are true. When addressing content with a unique identity on an SVOD platform, first impressions play a vital role in the user experience. It establishes a tone to which audiences respond and influences subscriber and viewer conversion rates. 

Taking the initiative with your audience’s navigation of your content is a wise choice, so is taking the time to think about it.

# Create a Winning Subscription Strategy

A successful video monetization strategy offers a tremendous opportunity for today’s broadcasters. Organizations of all sizes use live streaming, SVOD Video-on-demand, and OTT platform technologies to distribute content quickly and effectively while generating revenue. 

However, with the right video monetization strategy and related technology, it is possible to achieve impressive results even with smaller audiences.

# Increase Your Conversion Rate and Build a Loyal Community

For business owners, growing a community is more important than ever. When you cultivate a community culture around your business, you gain access to something far more powerful than traditional marketing.

Increasing conversions entails more than simply posting a video on your website. If you want to increase conversions, your video needs to be creative. A high-converting video focuses on meeting people’s real needs and educating them rather than converting them.

# Introduce Yourself and Craft a Channel Pitch

The introductory video is a viewer’s first impression of who you are and what your channel represents. It’s also the first piece of watchable content that visitors see on the channel, and with great power comes great responsibility. A good intro video increases a user’s likelihood of subscribing by 900%.

# Comprehensive Churn-Reduction Tools 

Whether your streaming service is subscription-based or advertising-based, losing users is one of the most significant challenges you face as a business. Video streaming analytics allows you to identify users at risk of churn and take proactive steps to retain them.

By segmenting your customers based on their level of engagement and quality of experience requirements, you can address any issues affecting each segment and create more targeted marketing campaigns. Customers are thus happier and more loyal as a result.

# Select a Channel Structure and Decorate It with High-Quality Imagery

The property you choose determines how content appears on your channel, how it gets viewed, and what content appears as “up next.”

In general, there are three types of properties:

  • Features
  • Series
  • Shows

High-quality images are valuable. So, ensure you add high-quality images to each video to engage users and help them navigate. Also, if you have a series, make time for a thumbnail strategy. When creating thumbnails, you must convey the subject matter of the video content, entice the viewer to click through, differentiate your brand, and ensure that they get optimized for all devices. Even minor changes in the hue/saturation of colors used in a thumbnail can draw attention.

# Promote and Market the Work

Finally, to ensure that your videos are visible to your target audience, you must publish your website and effectively promote the work

While searching for video-sharing websites, you may have come across online video hosting websites. These websites each serve a unique purpose in video content distribution. You can save videos to video hosting services’ cloud storage. It’s a more secure option than external discs for hosting and backing up your media.

If any questions like define SVOD, SVOD meaning, or SVOD Definition strike your mind, don’t worry! Reach us, and we will help you get everything you need.

Concluding Notes

SVOD is advancing and shows no signs of slowing. While large brands continue to dominate the market, independent video content creators can carve their path to success in this lucrative industry. We hope you now know how to build your SVOD platform. In any case, if you want to launch a multi-device white label SVOD streaming platform but don’t know which video streaming service provider to use, Contus VPlayed can help. 

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