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Health Advantages And The Procedure For Enlarging Your Penis

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Is It Possible, Or Even Feasible, To Enlarge One’s Penis?

This is a question that has been ask of me regularly throughout my career as a doctor and sex therapist. And health specialist.

Many of my clients came to me after having wasted hundreds of dollars. And Countless hours on fruitless remedies and inadequate workouts. Best health Is Best For Your marriage Life.

The final result is the same in every scenario. Size has not increased. There were times when issues multiplied because of bad recommendations or purchases. There have been a variety of negative outcomes, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation. A loss of libido, and even physical damage to the penis.

There has been any evidence that supplements or Cenforce 150 mg pills work.

The reasons these tactics fail to produce results are elementary. Contrary to popular belief, the penis is not a muscle that can be train to grow larger through physical activity like the biceps or triceps. Spongy-like vascular tissues make up the penis. During the arousal phase of the sexual response cycle, blood flow is redirect to this area. The penile tissue swells up and causes the erection in the same way that a sponge does when it’s immerse in water. Vascular tissue volume is not increase in a guy of reproductive age.


There has been any evidence that supplements or Cenforce 150 mg pills work. Physically contacting the penis, such as with weights, is ineffective and potentially harmful. Penis vacuum pumps have been show to cause temporary enlargement due to erection, however this growth has never been observe to persist. Clamping tools that are not part of the standard set should never be use because of the dangers they pose. It has been claimed that jelquing (an workout) can raise blood pressure and increase circulation to the penis. It’s safer than clamping, but it still has the potential to lead to blood vessel tears, scarring.  Painful deformity, or even desensitisation of the penis, don’t bother with any of these alternatives because they’re not worth your time or money.


The Only Manner In Which A Penis Can Grow Is By Surgery.

Numerous surgical treatments pose the danger of life-threatening consequences. In 2007, at the Second International Consultation on Sexual Dysfunction, participants were able to reach consensus on the fact that most men would rather not have surgery without first having all of their questions answered and being aware of all of the possible outcomes and consequences. Only cases of micropenis, a condition recognised by genetic testing, should be considered for this surgery.

What can a person with a smaller penis do to become more loving and to ensure that his spouse is satisfied, if we have to recognise that the penis will not be increased? It’s up to you, as there are several possibilities.

The clitoris (involved in stimulating the orgasm) is located in a different place in women, therefore a longer penis doesn’t truly deliver greater stimulation than a smaller one. In fact, a lengthy penis could cause agony for women as it scrapes into her cervix.


Communication To Your Partner

Communication to your partner is vital. Seek out her most stimulating sexual positions. Each combination of clitoris and penis is unique Your spouse will be the solitary person who can notify you of which one is finest for her. She knows her better than anybody else, and if she doesn’t tell you the truth, you have no way of knowing.

Further, the vast majority of women need continuous stimulation in order to achieve an orgasmic state. This is why it’s crucial to learn how to control ejaculatory frequency, as young men tend to do. More important than height or waist circumference is the duration. Anyone can learn to do this the same way he learned to control his bladder as a baby.


Shilajit, Also Known As Mineral Pitch, Is Beneficial To Health.

I’d never even heard of mineral pitch before recently, and not even the Latin word used to describe it: Asphaltum punjabianum which is also the Hindi Shilajit or the Urdu salajeet.  And To my astonishment, I learn that it is a gaseous chemical release from the Himalayan mountains in the spring and summer. A tar-like substance form from the ancient plant materials that initially blanket the Himalayas as a result of plate tectonic collisions. Therefore, they dominate and absorbed the old sea, the water that escape over the years, leaving behind traces in the form of Himalayan salt as a reminder.

A local book dealer told me that the vendor’s hand had been turning like a claw and that the vendor was having trouble moving his hands in a straight line. An hakim, or traditional healer, recommended salajeet to him after he sought help. As he could never put his faith in another human being, he went to the mountains to gather his thoughts. His hand supposedly healed to normal within 15 days of drinking the salajeet he harvested, and it appears healthy to this day.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment :

An ancient Indian emperor is say to have pray to Lord Shiva for an increase in sexual energy, and in return, Shiva gave him a part of his body that is now know as shilajit. Everyone hoped it would be effective.

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