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Handling Precautions for Porcelain Dinnerware

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handling instructions of porcelain dinnerware

If the dinnerware you are buying is porcelain, then it’s important to know how to handle the type and what its features make each of them unique. The best porcelain dinnerware types most often can create some kind of issues if not handled in the correct way to use them, if done so, they last longer.

Reports show that the traditional porcelain from several manufacturers in fact labeled as containing levels of extractable in excess of activity levels among the tableware collections. The type may be present in the glazes or decorations and if the pottery is not manufactured properly, the extra ones can get involved with your food that is prepared, stored, or served in the dishes.

Here, in this article, we explain to you the handling precautions for porcelain dinnerware on different occasions. 

On Stacking the Plates

The main causes of alteration in porcelain dishes occur during stacking. 

Care has to be taken when stacking to protect the enamel as they can easily slip off from scratches. It is better to stack the dishes vertically over a rack rather than horizontally one above the other. If you have only the option to keep it horizontally, make sure you keep a clear separation between the plates, either a thick piece of paper or something like that. Doing so will help the dishes from rubbing against each other and can nevertheless cause friction. 


Dishwasher Care

The dishwashers are machines and don’t expect them to work like humans. The machine working may or may not cause harm to your dishes and both are not guaranteed. So, if you are using the dishwasher then make sure you follow the instructions correctly and stack the plane inside as instructed. Take care to note the dosage and usage as well. For best results, please don’t wash the porcelain dishes with the other types. 

Residue and marks

The porcelain dishes have the tendency to form grey marks that are usually caused by metallic particles encrusted in the micro scratches of the enamel. This can be erased when the porcelain item is cleaned with liquid detergent or scouring cream. This can sometimes also be due to the low quality of materials. So, it is always advisable to check the quality of the cutlery you are planning to buy. 


The porcelain dishes are designed and manufactured with utmost care. The porcelains are proven and tested to be particularly break-resistant in all aspects. Even though in some cases, there occur edge chips despite all efforts taken in testing. The such occurrence may be due to the result of inappropriate handling during washing, serving, and storing.

Microwave oven precautions

The porcelain-type dishes are made to be used in microwave ovens. If the collections with metallic decorations are subjected to microwave heating, the chances are high for causing damage to their style and form. Circumstances are there that are enough to even damage the equipment. The dishes are to be subjected to microwave heating only if they are mentioned by the manufacturer outside the box and the same has to be carried out with extreme care. 

Plate warmers and salamander grills

Porcelain products, the best crockery type, are manufactured to resist high temperatures, as the manufacturing process itself involves heating at very high temperatures. In the plate warmers, the plates can be placed with extra care under salamander grills, but not all will go in with that. Some specified items are to be exempted like they are not to be used for baking purposes and under convection mode in an oven. Using the same for baking the cake can damage the equipment and may end up in a severe hazard. 

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