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Fixation steps for the QuickBooks Crashes When Opening Company File issue

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QuickBooks Crashes When Opening Company File

QuickBooks crashes when opening a company file is a standard error faced by the users very frequently. Further elaboration of this error would be that QuickBooks shuts down whenever the users try to access the company file. If the users cannot do so, all the functions affiliated with QuickBooks get interrupted. Nothing can be preceded without the company file since it stores all the vital information related to the transactions, employees, and everything that QuickBooks have to offer. Now that we know how important it is to eradicate this error, we can begin with the process. To make this article even more helpful, we have also mentioned a few causes because of which this error can be seen, followed by effective troubleshooting solutions.

Company file data is highly crucial and critical. No user can afford to lose this data or lose access to this data. Hence, in such cases, it is recommended to get in touch with an expert and get your errors solved instantly

Causes for the QuickBooks crashes when opening company file error.

Evaluation of an error is a step that users must not skip. The users often begin with troubleshooting directly without learning about the problem and its causes. By doing so, you get a more precise and even more thorough Idea of what is needed to be done during the troubleshooting process. This also makes your troubleshooting process much easier and less time-consuming. Refer to the points below to learn more about this glitch.

  1. A corrupted QBWuser.ini file can be the most significant reason behind this error.
  2. Another possibility is the company file itself is damaged.
  3. The installation of the QuickBooks software wasn’t appropriate, nor was it set up.
  4. If you are a user who uses a low-end system, then this error can be seen due to compatibility issues between QuickBooks and the system.
  5. Further, a corrupted hard disk can also be a valid reason.
  6. Another factor responsible for this error could be an issue with the company file name. The name might not have been inserted as per the guidelines and may be too long or too short.
  7. Compatibility damage of the Windows operating system.

Another leading cause could be the QuickBooks BEX error.

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Solutions for the QuickBooks crashes when opening company file error

“A problem caused the program to stop working correctly, or Windows is trying to find a solution.” This is a notification sent to the users by QuickBooks when they face this error. The message clearly states that something

stopped the QuickBooks application. And those reasons you learned in the above-listed points. To know more about troubleshooting, cling to the steps given below.

Solution: Renaming the Qbuser.ini file

  1. Open the QuickBooks software, and under the directory, search for the C drive.
  2. Moving forward, you must locate the Qbuser.ini File and right-click on it.
  3. Click on rename and add the ‘.old’ Extension at the end of the filename.
  4. You are not permitted to edit any other part of the filename; otherwise, even that may give rise to specific errors as well.
  5. Save the changes and restart your system and then try accessing the company file through the QuickBooks software.

This was a complete error elimination guide for the QuickBooks crashes when opening the company file issue. If you are encountering the same problem, then you may call the certified QuickBooks consultants at 1.855.738.2784.

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