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Establish an NFT Gaming Platform That Is Comparable to Axie Infinity

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The Axie Infinity Clone Script can be used to create an NFT gaming platform that is modelled after the well-known NFT game Axie Infinity. With the help of this script, you may replicate Axie Infinity’s user interface (UI) on a number of different blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, etc.

Creating a clone of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Clone was developed to provide a fun, easy-to-use gaming platform based on blockchain technology. Similar to the original Axie Infinity, users of this Axie Infinity clone game can collect different virtual animals and breed them to compete against other players’ virtual pets.

How Does the Axie Infinity Clone Script Work?

Each virtual pet, like Axie, is unique and is represented by an NFT created in accordance with the ERC721 token specification. In order to take into account each axe’s potential in a combat, each one has been divided into four phases. The categories are as follows:






These factors, which include things like fighting speed, recovery capacity, and damage output, among others, are very important in determining how well an Axie is evaluated.

The rating heavily relies on the Axie’s physical attributes. Axie’s performance on the battlefield would be heavily impacted by the body components described below.

Eyes, Ears, Horns, Mouth, Tail, and Back Exceptional Features of Axie Infinity Clone Script

The following is a list of some of the main features offered by Axie Infinity Clone Script.


The user can breed axes to use in combat or trade with other players. In any event, breeding an Axie would result in financial gain for the player.


Any player that participates in combat with the Axies of other players has the chance to win a sizable prize if their Axie succeeds.


Using a trustworthy marketplace platform, players can purchase Axies as well as other in-game assets like lands and other stuff.

Good-looking Love Potion

Smooth Love Potions are the in-game token rewards that may be acquired in the adventure and combat modes (SLP). These SLP tokens can be used to upgrade the functionality of a current Axie or totally redesign it.

Axie Infinity Shards

Participating in various conflicts in the Axie Infinity universe will earn you Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), an ERC20-based governance token. A gamer will be able to use an AXS to participate in a governance vote that takes place within the game.

Why Opt for Suffescom Solutions IncAxie Infinity Clone?

The company most in demand for creating NFT-based games is Suffescom Solutions Inc. For numerous clients, we have completed over 100 projects using NFT that are comparable. With our excellent clone app development services, we have a right to guarantee complete customer happiness. In order to uphold our reputation as a reliable partner, we constantly strive to keep communication with the project owner open. Our staff is self-driven and well-versed in all the most recent tools and technology needed to create game clones.

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