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Essential Things to Do In Egypt after COVID 19

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It has been announce via the Egyptian government that flights between Egypt and countries that will allow travel to & from will resume on the first of July to specific coastal Egyptian cities which are South Sinai, the Red Sea, and Marsa Matrouh. The Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities in Egypt has released a video to Egypt Tourists showing them the beauty of Egypt’s popular tourist destinations as an attempt to resuscitate the sector. There are many other countries just like Egypt trying to return to its normal state and to get tourism back to its right way after such a social & economic disruption caused by the pandemic of COVID-19.

The best thing about the reopening of tourism sector in Egypt is that the popular tourist destinations that are about to be reopened have actually very lower infection rates and that is how tourists will be safe and won’t face any danger of getting the virus infection. The Egyptian government is working with the tourism ministry to arrange everything for the tourists and to get everything ready for them and to have the desirable vacation they have always wanted.

Mr. John Jabbour, the World Health Organization Representative in Egypt has stated that Egypt implements very strong measures to fight COVID-19 epidemic and he also stated that the most important thing in being safe is through keeping the “Physical Distances” between you and others around you in addition to doing the necessary precautions steps just like wearing a face mask, gloves, keep his hands away from his/her dace, nose, and mouth as long as they are out of their homes.

What preventative measures can I take against the Coronavirus disease?

While planning a tour to Egypt, there are some essential things you should follow to prevent infection and also to slow transmission of COVID-19, here they are:

  1. You should wash your hands regularly with soap, water, sanitizer, or alcohol based on what is available for you when you are outside and touring around any place.
  2. Keep at least 1 meter distance between you and people around you especially that any of them is coughing or sneezing.
  3. In order not to get infected with Corona, you need to keep your hands away from your face and to be more specific, from your nose, mouth, and eyes. Make sure you clean your hands during the whole time for such a reason.
  4. Stay away from smoking especially for Shisha as it can spread diseases and also weaken your lungs and this is a matter you should think very carefully before putting yourself in such a situation during that pandemic.
  5. Maintain 3 feet distances between you and others and while having your tour in Egypt, your tour guide will arrange everything for you to keep the distance between him & you and also to away from the others.
  6. It is highly recommended not to eat at local restaurants that don’t have much space inside and to take food with you and eat in a secured clean place.
  7. Follow good respiratory hygiene just like covering your mouth & nose while coughing sneezing to protect all people around you. To avoid such a matter, you have to wear a face mask to keep yourself and people around you safe and uninfected.
  8. If you are an elder traveler, you should avoid traveling nowadays until doctors invent a vaccine for such a virus in order to stay safe at home and to avoid being infected with any virus at any time of your tour in Egypt.
  9. If you are traveling to Egypt alone or with a group, you should choose your hotels & Nile Cruise very thoroughly and choose only the ones that take serious precautions & cleanliness measures to protect yourself and all those around you.
  10. Book your Egypt tourswith a very recommended Travel agency as it will be the one responsible for arranging your tours, choosing the places of your accommodation, the type & Places of food you are going to have, the sites you are going to visit plus the timing and the duration of each tour. It will be very important to feel that you are in good hands while spending your vacation in a foreign country after the CoronaVirus Pandemic.
  11. Stick with the instructions of each place you are visiting while being in Egypt to be safe and to keep all people around you safe.

In case of facing any of the virus symptoms while being in Egypt just like fever, cough, or a difficulty in breathing, you need to seek medical attention through calling a doctor and follow the instructions which your doctor will provide you with. In case of facing any intense symptoms that you can’t deal with, you need to get in touch with any of the following numbers and they will reach you wherever you are to seek immediate treatment: 105, 137, 123, or 15335. Your tour guide will be with you during the whole time and will be ready to assist you whatever happens so no need to worry at all while being in Egypt as the Egyptian government will make sure that you spend the most magical trip ever in your life while being in Egypt.

The Egyptian Government decided to offer some irresistible options for tourists to make them come to enjoy their vacation in Egypt now and here are the major points which were officially announced regarding tourism in Egypt:

  1. Tourist visa has been cancelled by the government starting from the 1st of July till the end of October.
  2. 50% discount will be applied for landing and boarding fees for airliners.
  3. 20% discount will be applied on the ground services for the cities which are going to be opened for travelers.
  4. 20% discount will be applied for all museums, temples, and the majority of the historical sightseeing under the supervision of the Supreme Council of antiquities.
  5. For the travelerswho are going to use either Egypt Air or Air Cairo, there will be other discounts for fifteen days from the beginning of July.

It is finally the best time to enjoy one of Egypt tours in your second country after being through the true hard time of the pandemic and all of what you need to do to enjoy a safe & successful tour is to stick with the precautions measurements that we have mentioned via our article and try to enjoy the most with your tour in the great land lf civilization & culture.

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