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Engage Effectively and Sell Smartly with Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales delivers enterprise CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) capabilities through a single, cloud- based business application. Popularly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the application comprises ultra- advanced features, like Lead to Invoice Management, and automation capabilities that help structure the customers better, manage timely follow- ups, increase sales, monitor sales funnels, and gain more insights into the accounts with LinkedIn Integration. Besides, Dynamics 365 Sales allows enterprises to gain deep visibility and digital intelligence to optimize operational efficiencies, deliver outstanding customer experiences, and accelerate business growth.

Dynamics 365 Sales Features and Benefits

An expert Dynamics 365 Sales implementation empowers sales teams to ensure meaningful interactions and increased conversions that drive business growth. Here below are the major features that this future- ready CRM offers:

Advanced Digital Intelligence


Dynamics 365 Sales uses digital intelligence and automated business mechanisms that empower sales managers to take the complete lead on the sales cycle. Predictive analytics and AI- driven lead scoring tools deliver critical customer data to upscale the sales pipeline and enhance the sales team’s performance. Moreover, the integrated sales applications and Office 365 tools equip sales professionals with the capabilities to manage the sales processes.

The latest release of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights includes Sales Accelerator, Opportunity Management, Conversation Intelligence (for transcription), Advanced Forecasting, Pipeline Intelligence, and Relationship Intelligence.

Smarter Personal Engagements

Dynamics 365 Sales unifies the sales team’s experiences within shared meeting notes, events, and other process documents, thus saving time searching for required information. The documents are available in real- time, allowing sales managers to edit and manage those based on their understanding and experience.

The Office 365 integration with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, Business, and Professional versions has set the One Workspace One Login trend, allowing sales teams to view every relevant detail in a single window for better performance.

Extensive Customer Profile

Dynamics 365 Sales delivers a 360- degree view of the account, social insights, and business updates while helping sales professionals target and focus on the serious leads, contacts, and opportunities in the sales pipeline. The targeted customer information and smart customer profiling features help sales teams engage in meaningful conversations with prospective customers. Moreover, the application provides contextual insights that help close more deals faster.

Consistent Customer Engagements

Dynamics 365 Sales allows enterprises to stay engaged with customers in meaningful discussions, build trust, and maintain long term relationships. The detailed customer insights available through the powerful CRM application enable sales professionals to leverage the complete customers’ view through a unified platform that helps deliver personalized experiences. Besides, the application assists sales managers in accessing customer buying history, purchase preferences, and even browsing personal information about family members, including anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

Enhanced Sales Performance

Dynamics 365 Sales comes embedded with Interactive dashboards, contextual charts, and Power BI, providing the perfect blend of deep customer insights, analytics, predictive information, and proactive collaborations. With the right set of tools and functionalities available, the sales professionals can ably focus on the serious leads, prioritize top opportunities, optimize the team’s performance, and improve Goals Monitoring while ensuring everybody’s involvement throughout the sales process. Besides, those capabilities help achieve business aspirations by ensuring the entire sales team stays motivated and energized across the selling landscape.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Pricing

Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 products as a module- based that allow users to select the solutions as per the business needs. Therefore, the business model and operational setup will determine the licensing mix enterprises end up paying.

Dynamics 365 Sales Pricing
Sales Professional AUD 90 per user per month
Sales Enterprise AUD 157 per user per month
Sales Premium AUD 223 per user per month

To Sum Up

We now understand that Dynamics 365 Sales is a powerful suite of future- ready tools that add value to the sales team’s outcomes and ensure growth for the business. However, enterprises need to make sure that all business strategies are already in place and sales teams have a clear understanding of the business goals. These insights would help system managers to select the right tools for Dynamics 365 Sales implementation while keeping expectations clear and measurable.

Engage with the Microsoft Certified Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation experts at Dynamics Square to help implement the most efficient and cost- effective solution for specific business scenarios.

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