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Dr. Kami Hoss’s Exemplary Orthodontic Practices

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With a master’s in craniofacial biology and a doctorate in dental surgery, Dr. Kami Hoss has earned the name and fame of one of the most celebrated orthodontic doctors. His contribution to the arena of dentistry is stellar and the most attractive thing about his practice is his incessant endeavor to develop every aspect of dentistry. 


The Clinic


Driven by this zeal he and his team of doctors he has successfully achieved much-deserved acclaim for his clinic The Super Dentists. This clinic is renowned for its multi-specialty dental practices. The latest star added to his crown of fame is his range of oral care products named ‘SuperMouth’. The products in this range are not just revolutionary but can also be customized. This gives it an added advantage and makes it a more sought-after product.



The Book


Alongside his practical expertise in the subject that he showcases at his clinic, he further helps spread awareness of his erudition. This is what motivated him to become the author of the book on oral health care named ‘If your Mouth could speak’. The contents of the book clearly explain what exactly happens to the condition of the teeth, gums, and mouth if proper care is not taken. Dr. Kami Hoss further explains how the overall health of an individual who neglects oral health can deteriorate.


The Seminars


His proficiency in articulation also makes him a good choice for conducting seminars on oral health. He conducts community programs and workshops as well, explaining to the best of his ability the reasons why one should indulge in proper oral health care. He gives detailed elucidation on how pregnancy, sleep, and an individual’s emotional life can be adversely affected if adequate importance is not given to oral health.


His acumen in the subject has earned him a rightful place in the American Association of Orthodontists, American Dental Association, Newsweek Expert Forum, and Forbes Business Council. He very rightfully graces a seat on the ULCA School of Dentistry board of counselors. It is through his expansive contribution to dentistry that many people have come to learn about how one’s oral health makes every other function in the body optimal.


The approach to pediatrics


What makes Dr. Kami Hoss such a popular orthodontic dentist is his perspective on how to treat children according to their age and adults according to theirs. His special attention to the pediatric section of his clinic is very evident in the way the doctors and helpers present there making the treatment of children fun as well as effective. Dr. Hoss takes pride in saying that they have been able to remove the element of fear from the children who go there for treatment.


He claims to use both the latest technology and techniques to provide a fun, comfortable, and easy experience for any of his patients. They have taken care to keep amenities that suit the purpose of both children and adults. The mission and vision of this dentist and his team are to save as many lives as they can by creating as many healthy mouths as they can. They also believe in providing a healthy parent for a healthy child and thereby an overall healthy society.

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