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Doing Keto? 4 Ways to Make It More Sustainable and Simple

by Anita Ginsburg
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Increasingly popular among people who don’t want to count every calorie or who have decided to reduce common carbs for other health reasons, the keto diet can be a little intimidating at the outset. Eliminating almost all carbohydrates means quiet a few common foods are no longer allowed on the table. And yet, as the diet increases in popularity so do the ways to simplify it. See below for a few suggestions on how to do keto the easy way.

Keto Desserts

Firstly, while carbs are off the table, desserts aren’t. How is that possible, when so many desserts are flour based or loaded with sugar? Simply put, there is an ever growing number of keto specific dessert products being sold today, from keto-friendly ice cream to cake mixes to even microwavable cake cups that are both delicious and very low carb. Sugar and flour substitutes are the secret here, but these products are almost indistinguishable from the classic versions and can help keep dieters with a sweet tooth on track.

Keto Vegetarian Ketchup

Giving up burger buns or sandwich bread is one thing. Eating meat dry, without any of the sauce that lends so much flavor, is quite another. While regular ketchup has a surprising amount of sugar in it, have no fear. Ketogenic vegetarian ketchup is here to save the day, and it is not only keto but gluten free, low calorie, and kosher, making it a treat almost anyone can enjoy.

Take Regular Breaks

Even keto converts need to take regular breaks. The human body isn’t designed to survive long term without carbohydrates, and keto cycling is a key part of sustaining this diet. Keto cycling is a fancy term for a cheat day, and the joy of this diet is that it is not only allowed, but it’s recommended that dieters have days where they relax the rules. This doesn’t mean eating 5 plates of pasta on a cheat day, but it does mean that any particular favorite or craving can be enjoyed guilt free during the one or two days per week that carbs are allowed.


Keto Cookbooks

If cooking keto has you scratching your head on what to make each night, do yourself a favor and buy a couple cookbooks. The popularity of this diet means there are plenty of options. Cookbooks will be able to suggest tasty meals that may not otherwise occur to you, and they will also be able to tell you exactly how many carbs are in that meal. There is no reason to cycle between the same three meals until you hate the sight of them – give yourself a break and get inspiration from tried and tested keto recipes.

A keto diet sounds complicated, but really doesn’t have to be. It can be a sustainable and simple way to eat long term with just a few tricks and tweaks. Whether you’re embarking on it for health or for weight reasons, set yourself up for success and make it as easy as possible.

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