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Does North Hills Clinic Provide High Quality Healthcare Services?

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north hills clinic

North Hills medical clinic offers services of many kinds under one roof. We are open daily throughout the week without any breaks. The last person gets attended to half an hour before the closing time. What makes our medical facility a gateway to convenience is the onsite labs, pharmacies, ultrasounds rooms, x-ray facilities, and much more. Our facility takes less than an hour to attend to a patient. We provide affordable services and also accept health insurance, which will add more convenience for you. Also, north hills clinic provides the best healthcare services.

North hills clinic

North Hills clinic provides a high-quality healthcare system. They understand that patients suffer from physical and psychological illnesses as well. They diagnose the patient and provide the relevant healthcare for them. The facility provides medical services to all patients, no matter what they are suffering from. Our highly qualified staff and doctors provide extraordinary care to our patients and make sure that they stay healthy and alive.

Services of north hills clinic

There are many health advantages you can get by receiving medical services from north hills clinic. They are as follows:

1. Primary care services

Primary care services provide great benefits for patients as they are their first contact with a health care system. A primary care doctor makes sure that his patient will have a healthy life. They timely highlight all the potential risks to their lives. The duties of a primary healthcare physician involve; doing regular checkups, performing a medical tests for heart and cancer, etc. They can prescribe medication. They can perform small surgeries and provide stitches to open wounds. Take care of open wounds, and deal with broken bones and severe sprains and strains, etc.


2. Urgent care services

Urgent care services don’t need an appointment like a primary care facility. The urgent care facility is used most when your primary care physician can’t make you an immediate appointment and on public holidays when they are not available at all. In these times, you need a reliable medical care services clinic that can treat you and bring good health care outcomes. The urgent care clinic attends to a patient and treats him within one hour. North hills clinic urgent care services can treat 80% of the cases that are treated in an ER (emergency room). Urgent care services include treatment of animal bites, flu, cough, fever, traumatic illness, allergies, rashes, sprain and strains, bone injury, burns, cuts, etc. They also provide the services of sports tests known as school physicals.

3. Gynaecologist

A gynaecologist is a doctor who is specialized in treating the medical concerns of women and girls. They perform many duties. Their duties include the following:

  • They help women who are facing difficulty in getting pregnant. They perform procedures like IVF, etc.
  • They help women stop unwanted pregnancies by suggesting different types of contraception. Free pregnancy tests are also available at our clinic.
  • They help pregnant women throughout those 9 months. They deliver their babies and perform mandatory testing and ultrasounds to ensure the health of your prenatal.
  • They help women suffering from infections like UTIs and other vaginal infections. Further, they can perform small surgical procedures.
  • Some other duties of a gynaecologist are to perform a cancer screening test for breast cancer and cervical cancer.
  • The test for cervical cancer is known as a Pap smear test. Some other tests for identifying infections are also taken in this procedure.

4. Antibody testing

Serology testing or antibody testing is done to specify if the person has been infected with a virus in the past. If he does, he will have antibodies in his blood. These antibodies will work as a defense system and save the person for a specific time span getting that disease again. Antibody testing can be done at home or in a clinic. The choice is yours. Also, the procedure is simple. It won’t hurt. So, there is nothing to be anxious about.


North Hills clinic provides many medical services under one roof at affordable prices. This is why we can say that they are providing an easy-to-assess medical care system. Moreover, our urgent care facility provides free pregnancy tests, onsite labs, a pharmacy, and qualified doctors and staff. Our services include primary care, urgent care, antibody testing, and services by a gynaecologist. The blog will describe its medical care services in detail.


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