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DIY Home Security vs. ADT: Pros and Cons

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Meta Title: Are Professional Security Systems Better than DIY Home Security?

Meta Description: Professional home security systems, like ADT, are much better compared to DIY home security. Here are the pros and cons of both.

Table of Contents:

  • DIY Home Security Systems

o   Pros of DIY Home Security

  1. Customization
  2. Lower Cost

o   Cons of DIY Home Security Systems

  1. No Company Support
  2. No Added Features
  3. No Insurance
  • ADT Home Security System

o   Pros of ADT’s Professional Home Security System

  1. Professional Monitoring
  2. Remote Access and Home Automation
  3. Insurance

o   Cons of ADT Professional Home Security Systems

  1. Higher Price
  • Final Thoughts

There’s a consensus about having a home security system among homeowners. However, not everyone wants to invest in a proper home security system offered by renowned home security solution providers, like ADT. There are multiple reasons, like saving costs, owning equipment, and more.

ADT Home Security is one of the biggest and most trusted home security solution providers in the United States. However, not everyone thinks getting a home security system from ADT is worth it. We don’t think this is the case, because having a security system like ADT at home offers way more advantages compared to a DIY security system.

In this article, let’s compare the pros and cons of DIY home security systems and ADT home security systems.

DIY Home Security Systems

A DIY home security system is when people get different security equipment and install it themselves at home. Here are some benefits of doing that:

Pros of DIY Home Security


With DIY home security, there’s room for as much customization as you want. You can get whichever equipment you want and place it wherever you want. For example, if you feel there’s a need to add another surveillance camera, or you need an additional motion detector, you can simply install one yourself.

Lower Cost

DIY home security systems usually cost less compared to professional home security systems like the ADT. This is because these systems are strictly customized and people only get the equipment they want. This results in having to pay lower equipment rent or a one-time price.

Cons of DIY Home Security Systems

DIY home security has more disadvantages compared to advantages. Some of these include:

No Company Support

If you face any problem with your home security system, there won’t be any professional who can assist you immediately. You’ll have to ask a third-party professional to fix any issue for you.

No Added Features

With DIY security systems, you won’t have access to any added benefits that come with professional home security systems, like ADT. These include remote access, home automation, professional monitoring, and more.

No Insurance

With DIY home security systems, you don’t have any guarantees. Even if your home is a victim of any property crime despite your system being armed, you can’t ask for compensation because you are responsible for your own system.

ADT Home Security System

ADT home security systems are professional security systems that ensure maximum protection of your home at all times. The benefits of professional home security systems outweigh their drawbacks by a margin. Read all about it here:

Pros of ADT’s Professional Home Security System

Professional Monitoring

One of the biggest advantages of having ADT’s professional home security system is to have a team of professionals monitor your cameras at all times. ADT has a dedicated in-house team to do this. This helps the company catch any suspicious activity, report it to the relevant authorities, and prevent a crime before it takes place.

Remote Access and Home Automation

Another major benefit of having a home security system is to have remote access to your system and the option to sync your home devices and appliances with the mobile app and automate it.

Nowadays, ADT’s home security systems are wireless and communicate through radio waves. This allows users to arm or disarm alarms, watch live video footage from the cameras, control thermostats, smart lights, and other devices, and much more.


ADT offers insurance along with its home security systems. In case a crime takes place while ADT’s home security system is armed, the company reimburses losses of up to $500.

Cons of ADT Professional Home Security Systems

Higher Price

Compared to DIY home security systems, the only disadvantage of a professional ADT home security system is the added costs. These packages usually cost a bit more compared to when people get DIY home security.

Final Thoughts

If you need a suggestion, professional home security systems, like the ones from ADT, are always the smarter choice when it comes to protecting your property and loved ones. If you have any questions, dial the ADT phone number and speak to a customer service representative today.

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