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Different Type of Transmission Jack

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There are several types of transmission jack available for your vehicle. These include low-profile, high-capacity, hydraulic, and 4-point. Choose one that is suitable for the weight of your transmission. There are many advantages to each type. If you are unsure, let us help you make the right choice.


A low-profile transmission jack is a perfect tool to lift and support your vehicle’s transmission or driveline component. These jacks feature an adjustable tilt saddle, four casters with full swivel ball bearings, and a release valve knob for safety. They can lift to 2000 lbs.

Transmission jacks are essential to the removal and installation process of transmissions. These tools can also make the process of moving heavy transmissions much easier. For example, a K Tool 1,200-pound low-profile transmission jack can make the process more efficient. Its sloping legs make it easy to reach difficult places. Its broad base and solid lifting platform are also essential features.


A Hydraulic transmission jack is an excellent tool for mechanics, primarily if you work on various vehicles. Besides helping you lift heavy truck transmissions, they can also be used in workshop settings. The main advantage of this tool is that it has a low minimum height, which makes it perfect for workshops. It also has a long stroke, which is very helpful for working on cars.


These jacks are available in a variety of models. Some models are low profile, and those are high profile. The low-profile models are ideal for a busy shop with limited space.


A 4-point transmission jack is a versatile jack that allows you to raise and lower your car safely. Its modular design means you can quickly adjust the jack to the size of your vehicle, and it’s also safe to use with bumpers and fuel tanks. You can also quickly move the supports to locate the proper pick points.

This jack has adjustable 1/4″x1/4″ bars that pivot from seven to 28 inches wide. It’s rated for 800 pounds of load at its maximum extension. It also comes with a wrench that helps you adjust the threaded supports and tighten the bars. It’s compatible with floor jacks, low-lift-style transmission jacks, and tall-style transmission jacks.

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