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Complete Guide on DID Numbers: What, Why, How

DID Numbers

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DID Numbers:

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers are landline virtual numbers that are used to route calls to the existing telephone lines. It rings at two or more locations which helps businesses with multiple branches to connect with one base location. It allows a business to route the incoming call directly to the business number even when the call is from outside the local area. This makes international connections easy, economical, and efficient.

DID number service allows a business to use a single local access number that can direct calls to different locations, according to the business requirement. DID number services are used extensively by businesses to route incoming calls and to connect them to the right business agent through the IVR system. A DID number helps to keep track of missed calls, it monitors agent KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that include first call resolutions, average hold time, average call handling time, etc.

The functioning of traditional numbers and DID numbers are similar. However, using VoIP and DID numbers helps a business to connect with customers from any device. A business can receive any number of calls without any extra expenditure on setup costs or infrastructure. It is very economical which also helps a business to easily expand their market reach beyond local boundaries.

Businesses can use a private number as the business DID number which ensures privacy. It helps a business to eliminate unwanted calls as it can choose anonymous numbers for business purposes. An anonymous number can be used by the business instead of using the business/company name. It gives privacy to the business yet also does not hinder communication.


DID number service helps to enrich customer service that helps to improve customer satisfaction; resulting in business expansion and success. DID numbers have many unique features that make communication and service delivery smooth.

DID Number Features

The features of DID number service benefit a business in the following ways:

  1. Automated Call Routing: This feature automatically connects the incoming calls to the right agent. A customer may be looking for expert advice or guidance from a specific department that is assisted by this feature. It helps customers in easy navigation, to reach immediate and easy help while not wasting any time in waiting. Automated call routing helps agents to directly connect with the customer which is time and energy saving.
  2. Call Tracking: It helps a business track all calls that are routed through the DID number. A business can easily track missed calls, client-agent conversations, and engagement rates along with the agent’s KPIs. It offers a strong database of conversation communication that can be used for many reasons. A business can use it to strategize business market reach, train agents, and also to reprogram services for better delivery. It gives businesses better insights related to call-related information. It helps in understanding customer behavior, call patterns, and also the agent’s communication skills.
  3. Easy Setup and CRM Integration: DID number service does not require any kind of setup space. It can be easily installed on any device; be it a mobile, computer, or desktop. Thus, it is very economical; both, in terms of money and time which is beneficial for every business. It also helps businesses to easily expand their market reach, even in the international market with very little expanse. The DID number service can be easily integrated with any CRM with the use of API.
  4. Multi-lingual Support: DID number service allows automated calling campaigns that can be customized on IVR with any language. The language includes international, national, and regional. A business can customize the messages as per their service delivery and also customer base as per the service delivery location. This feature helps a business to reach more customers from any geographical location. It reduces the language barrier which helps to draw more customers from various language backgrounds. It makes the business more accessible and acceptable to the customers.

Knowlarity is one of the leading cloud-based communication DID number service providers. It helps businesses of any size and any industry to grow at a fast pace. It ensures business branding with quality service. Knowlarity is trusted and popular not just in India but also internationally. It is used by more than 6000 organizations from more than 60 countries of the world.

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