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Characters in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2—GamersGift

Characters in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2—GamersGift

by Gaurav Singh
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Battle.net Call of Duty

Battle.net Call of Duty – Call of Duty (COD) is a full-action MOBA game that is loved by more than 200 million active users worldwide. If you’re an old COD player, you already know the reason behind the game’s popularity, and if you’re new to the world of COD, then you’ll know it soon.

Anyway, today’s topic is about characters of COD: Modern Warfare 2 that are famous and most loved by players. You’ll get to know one of the hundred reasons why COD is popular today—which is its characters. So, let’s get started.

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Famous Characters in COD

You’re about to witness the amazing characters of COD, so keep reading:



Captain John Price is the main protagonist in Modern Warfare. He is perhaps the most well-known character in the Call of Duty series since he never showed fear while leading his men.

He has a big collection of quotes that the majority of COD players can easily recall, and his amazing characteristics include being firm and honest.

Alejandro Vargas

Alejandro quickly emerged as the favourite character for the majority of gamers. Due to his quick intellect and charisma, the player can’t think of anything they don’t like about him.

Despite the fact that he had negative influences at home, he overcame them and maintained his strength throughout the campaign, consistently putting the best interests of the people.

Simon “Ghost” Riley

Another character that COD fans bonded with was Ghost. This was especially true when the information about his previous life and the character’s traumatic experience.

Which included torture and the death of his family, was revealed. Ghost earns a lot of popularity and respect during the missions by showcasing his expertise and deadly nature.

John “Soap” MacTavish

Captain John “Soap” MacTavish, or popularly known as “Soap,” is a playable character that is also loved by the majority of COD players because of his daring and fearless nature.

He does have a few tiny distinctions because he is unfamiliar with the 141 team’s dynamic, but he blends in well and contributes significantly to the group.

General Shephard

If you talk about Modern Warfare COD and don’t include General Shephard, that is quite impossible. Despite being the villain of the series, the character has a lot of fan following in the real world.

Shephard is the Lieutenant General of the United States Army. And is considered the hero until the end, when the character reveals its true identity and motives.

Summing Up

Modern Warfare 2 is a pickup of Modern Warfare, which came out in 2019. The story of the game, which revolves around CIA officers and British SAS forces that are combating against the Russian Armed Forces and the terrorist group AI-Qatala, is the same as Modern Warfare (2019), except for some map and location and weapon changes.

The characters in the game are also the same as its predecessor, with some new ones such as Kate Laswell, who is not exactly a new character, but in Modern Warfare (2019), she was just a narrator and moral compass in the game, but in MW2, she will be completing missions with the main protagonist. Moreover, with a focus on different characters, the game has gained a new fan base.

So, what are your favourite characters from Battle.net Call of Duty? Let us know in the comments.

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