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Can Too Much Tech Cause ADHD Symptoms In Your Child

Can Too Much Tech Cause ADHD?

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Can Too Much Tech Cause ADHD Symptoms In Your Child

Today, the generation is changing our world; you can argue it’s even changing our youngsters. Kids frequently enjoy digital media, which includes gaming and social media. The technology is seductive and full of color and interactivity — and while this will provide a few benefits, it also raises questions.

“The common use of generation impacts how we behave and hook up with each other,” says Michael Manos, Ph. D., head of the ADHD Center for Evaluation & Treatment at Cleveland Clinic.

“As kids increasingly relate to each other via digital media, including FB and video games, it calls into query how we talk on a human level.”

He says that too much time on devices approaches less time having an actual face-to-face conversation, where facial features, voice, and body language all come into play.


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Digital Media, Distractibility, And Hyperactivity

Another question bubbling up, specifically for exasperated mothers and fathers trying to break via the hold of ubiquitous monitors and devices: can frequent use of tech make youngsters greater liable to the signs of attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

According to a new study, it’s feasible. They studied 2,587 high school students who had not been diagnosed with ADHD. Students were surveyed on how lots time they spent on digital media, consisting of social media.

Researchers located that the students who pronounced using digital media often a day had been much more likely than their friends to expose these signs and symptoms:

  • Inattention, such as difficulty organizing and completing tasks.
  • Hyperactivity-impulsivity, such as having trouble sitting still.

Technology And Children Of Different Ages

Exposure to digital media needs to be limited for all, even though it varies by means of age. For young kids, it’s even more vital to limit using technology because it has profound consequences on how their brains develop.

Current recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) call for no digital media use for kids age three and below, and no a couple of hours an afternoon for college-elderly kids. In terms of older teenagers, Dr. Manos says it’s vital for dad and mom to set affordable limits that work for their family.

Further, he says parents are sometimes blind to how their personal digital media use affects the quality of their interactions with their children.

He says it’s a challenge in today’s world to restrict media and offers this tip to parents: “Be consistent. Additionally, work together with your child to come back to a settlement together with your child about what the parameters are.”

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