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Best way to get yt sub [Pro Tips]

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8 Legit Ways To Increase Your YouTube Channel Subscribers

Why does the number of subscribers to a YouTube channel matter?

On YouTube, there are countless channels with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of subscribers. A Youtube channel’s subscriber count is significant since it reveals how interested users are in your video content. A subscriber is someone who demonstrates a strong dedication to your work and has a want to learn about your new videos as well.

The world’s most popular video-sharing platform is now YouTube. More specifically, each month on YouTube, about 2 billion individuals watch videos.

You need both more viewers and subscriptions if you want to increase your views and exposure.


We’ve got you, so don’t worry! You can find all the solutions to any questions you could have about subscriber count here in addition to these 8 verified strategies to get yt sub. Use these useful tips to expand your audience, attract new subscribers, and increase the number of people who see your videos.

get yt sub

1.Why ‘Get Free YouTube Subscribers’ Services Doesn’t Work?

If you look at these businesses that offer you free followers, they essentially want you to follow 20 different YouTube channels and even watch a specific number of videos. In essence, even though you aren’t paying money, you are still ceding some of your freedom to subscribe or at the very least lease. similar to the adage that states, “If you don’t pay for the product, you are the product.” Furthermore, there isn’t actually anything in the world that is free! And the outcomes of these services aren’t appealing! Although you have a lot of subscribers, none of them are actively used. That renders your YouTube profile questionable and possibly unreliable. These automated subscribers don’t interact with your material, therefore.

They are obviously not your target market. Any prospective brands who wish to collaborate with you will undoubtedly receive the stink-eye from you. There are many appealing pieces of content online, including articles and videos, when you are at this point in your YouTube journey. All for the sake of telling you a secret on how to gain 1,000 free YouTube subscribers in a week or even a day. They even go so far as to promise to show you how to gain a million subscribers for free, which certainly sounds too good to be true Therefore, it’s crucial to stay away from such exaggerated and unfounded claims and clickbait content while working to expand your YouTube audience.

2.How To Gain First 1.000 Subscribers On Your YouTube Channel?

By setting smaller targets, you can reach your first 1,000 subscribers on your new YouTube channel more quickly and easily.

To get your YouTube channel’s first 1000 subscribers, you must make a SMART goal.

The hardest part of growing your list is getting your first 1000 subscribers. It takes a lot of work, but if you move quickly and patiently, you can reach this goal.

If you don’t know how long anything will take, it’s extremely terrifying, so start by breaking down your target of 1,000 subscribers.

You break it down into little, doable goals that no longer seem too daunting and actually seem very feasible.

Here’s how to break down 1,000 subscribers; March is currently in progress.

by May, 100 subscribers

by August, 250 subscribers

by October, 500 subscribers

by December, 750 subscribers

by February, 1,000 subscribers

So, it may now seem as though this will take a while, but on the other hand, it may also seem achievable. However, even then, if you do not achieve these objectives precisely as stated. It’s ok, but planning to accomplish this goal in smaller steps makes it simpler to approach.

3.How To Get Organic YouTube Subscribers Organically?

The best strategy to increase the organic traffic to your website is to increase the number of your Youtube followers.

Increasing your YouTube channel’s subscriber count will give your small business, online store, or any product you want to sell the most exposure.

Additionally, you must reach the 1000 subscriber mark if you want to start making money from YouTube. Because you require that to sign up as a YouTube partner and begin making money from ads.

Additionally, a YouTube channel might receive a variety of advantages and rewards based on its subscriber count.

4.Writing Compelling YouTube Channel Description

The majority of YouTube channel descriptions are either nonexistent or just simple one-liners.

You must put yourself in your subscriber’s position and consider whether the description you prepared will convince you to subscribe to the channel.

Is it convincing enough to support your position when you ask a subscriber to make a commitment?

You must explain to viewers what your channel is about. How should they interpret your YouTube channel?

Use this section to provide some crucial channel information.

for instance, your upload frequency, or how frequently you upload each week or month.

A compelling call to action that asks visitors to subscribe to your channel and specifies the value they will receive if they do so can also be included.

5.Always Ask Your Viewers To Subscribe

Because of how crucial this is, YouTube has begun encouraging creators to encourage their viewers to subscribe to each and every video. Most new YouTube creators are reluctant or hesitant about asking for subscribers, yet doing so is crucial since, in most circumstances, if you don’t, people will forget to do so.

It’s also true that soliciting subscribers could come out as too pushy, particularly if you do it too frequently or too fast.

You only need to remind your viewers to subscribe once, at the end of the video.

The sole purpose of it, or at least how you present it, is to make it simpler for your supporters or viewers to follow along.

To make it less awkward or sales, make sure you ask to subscribe at the end of the video and not at the start.

So when you will be done by giving valuable information or really entertaining them, asking to subscribe seems more natural and smooth.

6.Reply To All Comments

The quickest technique to gain more YouTube subscribers may be by doing this.

In reality, a direct link has been found between the number of subscribers and responding to comments, according to internal data from YouTube itself.

This indicates that, at least initially, YouTubers who respond to the comments on their videos gain more subscribers than those who do not.

In essence, it comes down to engagement; the more you interact with your audience, the more committed they are to the community you are building.

Your fans get more invested and motivated to participate more when you engage with them personally.

The majority of YouTubers do not actually respond to all comments, despite the fact that it seems to be a common habit or obvious thing to do.

7.End Your Video With A Tease

Your videos need to leave viewers wanting more, just like a good cliffhanger in an episode of a television show. A Youtube subscription is all about looking forward to new content.

Therefore, if a viewer becomes engrossed in your video—whether it is about your personality, your narrative, your journey, or simply your next project—they will instantly subscribe to you so that they can stay in touch. Make sure your next video has a tease of your next project or something that will lure viewers back when you finish it.

This necessitates meticulous planning and scheduling of your material. In fact, to get the most of this, you can schedule your upcoming videos in advance and sync them together to build suspense.

8.Script Your Videos Ahead Of Time

Lack of planning and detailing in their content is a common mistake made by rookie YouTubers and also the reason why they don’t see an increase in their subscriber count.It’s not a smart idea to just wing it on the screen at that moment, despite what you might think.

To at least give your movies structure, you must have some sort of script, or should I say outline.

It’s actually preferable to outline the script for your videos in advance, read it aloud, and then rewrite it as you go.

This makes your YouTube material more valuable, concise, and clear. It guarantees that your information is accurate. Once you’ve done that, you can experiment with it to give it additional character, humour,


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