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Best Mediclaim Policies for Senior Citizen

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Best Mediclaim Policies for Senior Citizen

Find out all about the best mediclaim policies and health insurance for senior citizens.As a senior citizen, it is important that you get the best medical care, when the time arises. Read on to know more about the Mediclaim policies that can help you avail this care!

With age come several diseases and problems which require expensive treatment and care. The older we get, the more mental and physical stress we tend to bear that leads to health deterioration. This is when a senior citizen health insurance plan is needed. A Private health insurance or a mediclaim policy covers the medical expenses at an age when you have less energy and financial support.

A senior citizen health insurance offers financial aid for people above 60 years of age and covers critical illness, existing diseases, hospitalization, etc.

Age also brings additional risks of falling sick due to low immunity and strength. Since life after 60 is way more challenging and an individual is not financially sound, a mediclaim policy is a great option as it takes care of any kind of urgent medical expenses.


What does a senior citizen health insurance cover?

Some of the important features of a senior citizen health insurance are:

  • Hospitalization
  • Accident related treatment
  • Existing diseases from day 1 or after a specified period
  • Day Care expenses
  • Ambulance charges
  • Fast and hassle-free settlement of the claim
  • Higher sum insured coverage

Listed below are a few important points that one needs to take care of before buying any senior citizen health insurance or mediclaim policy.

  • Medical History: It is important to know the medical history before buying any policy and relying on the senior citizen for that information is suggested. Health insurance companies require complete information about existing health ailments. Hence, it is very important to be thorough about the information you provide to the insurance company.

Compare various plans

The health insurance or the mediclaim should cover the individual needs of the insured person, for example, chemotherapy, dialysis, organ donation, etc. Check the various features like sub-limit on room rent, consultation charges, etc. of the various plans. This ensures that you don’t end up paying the bills from your pocket, even after having an insurance policy.

Note the waiting period

It is safe to consider a lower waiting period for pre-existing diseases, considering the age of senior citizen. It is more conducive this way. Select a plan which has a lower waiting period so that it can be availed when actually needed.

Co-payment option

Most of the insurance companies offer a co-payment option for senior citizen health insurance. This means that the policyholder will bear a part of medical expenses.

With a rise in health care costs, it has become very important to have an insurance policy which pays the high medical bills when needed. Senior citizens who do not have a stable and a regular income might not be able to afford expensive treatment and that is exactly why having health insurance for senior citizen becomes inevitable.

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