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Are Dating Apps Exploiting Users’ Personal Data? Here’s More!

by Ankit Singh
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Dating Apps

Are dating apps no longer safe?  

Research says that most people tend to download an online dating app after going through a breakup! 

Before the pandemic turned our lives upside down, people used dating apps to meet new people and get to know them. For many, it also worked as a cupid arrow! 

However, with the restrictions that came along with the pandemic, coffee dates were replaced with virtual dates; but the popularity of dating apps still increased. 


For instance, the number of swipes increased by 11%. 

Now that circumstances are back to normal, people are beginning to go on coffee dates once again.  

There are multiple popular dating apps, including Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid, and most people turn to these apps looking for their potential match. However, did you ever imagine how poorly developed dating apps could pose privacy risks?

We are sure you haven’t given it much of a thought!

Therefore, it is precisely why we’ll be talking about the top five privacy concerns everyone must consider. 

So, let’s get started?   

Match, Chat, Meet- Is It Worth the Cost of User’s Personal Data? 

To start with, here are some of the primary privacy concerns one must emphasize before signing in with a dating app:

  • Collects Tons of Personal Information 

After a user has signed up with a dating app, it asks for personal information, like gender, age, sensitive data on ethical background, and more, to create a profile. 

Indeed, these are some of the major factors for a dating app to work with its algorithm and bring out the potential matches. However, leakage of any data to third parties can pose risks to personal safety. 

For instance, many countries still do not support the LGBTQ+ community. Therefore, if any information related to the same gets exposed without their will, it can be threatening to their status and financial situation. 

  • Tracks User location 

If you have ever used a dating app, you would know that these applications enable you to enter the distance proximity to help you match with people within the same. 

Notably, these apps use GPS and other location-tracking features to track the users’ movements. Its impact could be exposing genuine users to bad actors who may take advantage of this information.

Do you agree? 

  • Compromise with Images and Videos

Dating apps enable users to upload their pictures for people to swipe right or left. As safe as this might sound, numerous dating apps are not able to deal efficiently with security flaws. 

Regrettably, these security issues pose vulnerabilities for people, leaving them exposed to risks of leaked pictures and videos.  If not this, bogus people may use these pictures to ‘catfish’ other users by presenting themselves to be you. 

  • Chief Target for Hackers 

It is not surprising that hackers look for loopholes, and nothing can be a better target than dating apps where people match with strangers. 


  • Third-Party Data Sharing 

One of the most common methods that companies use to monetize via free ads is by sharing the data with third parties. While companies have been called out for doing the same without users’ consent, many complaints are still getting lodged! 

How Must Users and App Developers Go Ahead? 

Sure, it is exciting to match with people with a similar mindset and get to know them; however, it is advised to go through a dating app’s privacy policies before signing up for the same. Also, take a look at a few other tips:

  • Set a strong passcode and two-factor authentication, if possible.
  • Do not visit unknown links.
  • Use a secure Wi-Fi network to access the dating app. 

The role of app developers is to move ahead ethically by developing apps that keep users’ privacy first, since it can significantly impact someone’s life. 

Many apps ask for the user’s phone number for account verification to leverage higher security. Thus, it works as a roadblock during the creation of a fake profile.  

To Sum Up 

If you’re an entrepreneur looking forward to building a dating app due to the increase in its demand, now is your shot. Therefore, schedule a meeting with the best mobile app development company for the creation of an efficient product. 

So, are you all set? 

Happy innovation!

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