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Applications of Alloy A286 Fasteners

What are Alloy A286 Fasteners?

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Alloy A286 Fasteners

Iron, nickel, and chromium are all present in the stainless steel alloy known as A286 (1.4980) fasteners, also referred to as Alloy 660 fasteners. Once age-hardened, A286 fasteners have a reputation for being highly strong, creep-resistant, and oxidation-resistant at high temperatures. A286 fasteners, therefore, offer excellent levels of strength from ambient temperature up to roughly 1300°F (700°C). qualities of stress rupture.

The corrosion resistance of Alloy A286 Fasteners is similarly moderate. Although they shouldn’t be used in situations with significant concentrations of acid, they offer exceptional oxidation resistance up to 1500°F (815°C) under temperatures that are commonly present in high-temperature exhaust streams. We are able to deliver fasteners to ASTM A453 Grade 660 in order to ensure precise criteria for tensile and stress rupture qualities since A286 fasteners are utilised in high-temperature applications where performance is crucial.

Due to the characteristics of Alloy 660/A286, these fasteners are frequently used in off-shore oil and gas applications as well as the high-temperature engine, manifold, exhaust, and turbine applications. Additionally, A286/Alloy 660 is non-magnetic and finds use in non-magnetic cryogenic equipment.

Applications of Alloy A286 Fasteners

The offshore oil and gas industry relies heavily on A286 because of its many beneficial characteristics. These industries routinely put materials that are used frequently to exorbitant levels of heat, pressure, and force. Because of its great tensile strength and resistance to corrosion from substances like salt water or oil, A286 is one of the standard metals in these industries.


The field of aviation uses alloy A286 fasteners. A 286 in particular is frequently employed in the manufacturing of jet engines. The gases that travel through the turbine blades of a jet engine generate extremely high temperatures as they spin. Its greatest strength, which enables it to endure the ongoing heat generated by the engines, is A286’s biggest advantage in this situation. Materials must also be corrosion-resistant to withstand exposure to the high-altitude atmosphere.

Similar to the turbines in a jet engine, turbines of all sizes and shapes are frequently manufactured from A286 for a number of the same factors, most notably its inherent strong resistance to heat. Because the alloy’s qualities are unaffected by high heat, A286 is ideal for use as turbine casings, blades, fasteners, and afterburner parts.

A286 is not only heat resistant, but it also excels at the colder end of the temperature range. As the extremely low temperatures can render other lesser metals brittle and fragile, cryogenic equipment is frequently built of a286.

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