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Amazing Principles of UI/UX Design You Should Know About

by Maaz
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UI/UX stands for User Interface and User Experience, and it basically refers to the visual and interactive design of your product or app. You see it all around you – in your computer, phone, microwave oven or even in the elevator! Today we are going to take a look at amazing principles that make up this type of design, and give you some practical examples of how they can be used in practice. Let’s start!


1) Simplicity


The human brain has an incredible ability to learn and adapt to new information, but it can only do so much. It’s not possible for us to take in everything in our environment at once, so the brain relies on simplification. This means that when we look at a design, our brain tries to break it down into simplified shapes and colors. The more complex a design is, the harder it is for the brain to decipher what we’re looking at. This leads to mental fatigue and ultimately dissatisfaction with the experience.



2) Clarity


Clarity is paramount to the success of any design. If a user can’t understand what they are supposed to do, then there’s no point in creating the design. 

2) Gestalt’s Law of Proximity and Similarity: Objects that are close together are perceived as being related or having a relationship. When objects are close together, they create a sense of order and make it easier for viewers to identify patterns. When objects are spaced apart, viewers see them as unrelated and unorganized. This principle helps designers use proximity and similarity strategically to create order out of chaos.


3) Error Prevention

A common mistake that many people make is thinking about their design in terms of the final product and not about how the user will interact with it. This is a huge mistake because you can create a beautiful product, but if it’s not intuitive to use, then you’ll have a hard time getting people to use it. There are many principles that designers use to create intuitive designs. We’ll go over some important ones below.


4) Feedback


#1 – Be consistent with your design. If a user opens an app and sees the same look and feel every time they visit it, that builds familiarity. This will make them more comfortable using the app because they will know what to expect. 

#2 – Make things easy to learn. The easier it is for users to understand how your app works, the more likely they are to spend time on it and return again in the future. #3 – Make things easy to navigate. It’s important for users to be able #4 – Use visuals that are understandable. Visuals can be tricky because there needs to be some form of correlation between what you see and what you’re trying to accomplish on screen.

5) Consistency


Consistency is the key for a great user experience. Use the same style, color, and spacing throughout your design to help users understand how they’re interacting with your product or site. Consistency can be achieved through color, font size, and typeface. For example, you could use a serif typeface for headlines and a sans-serif typeface for paragraphs. Experiment with different styles to figure out what works best for your website or app!


Final Note


In the end, UI/UX is a process. It’s about constant improvement and iterative design. Whether you’re new to it or an expert, there’s always room for growth and refinement. We hope this guide was helpful in some way, but if not we recommend you hire UI/UX Design Agency in Bangalore for your next project.


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