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Alaska Airlines book a flight Check-in Tips

Alaska Airlines book a flight

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Alaska Airlines is a well-known American airline based in SeaTac, Washington, and is the seventh-largest flag carrier in the US. It has been working extremely well in the aviation sector to satisfy passengers ever since it started providing domestic and international flying services. At the moment, Alaska Airlines booking is available to more than a hundred locations in the United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Mexico. This made it simple to travel for a vacation or at work. Also, their check-in procedure is simple, but everyone should be aware of the requirements. Various check-in procedures serve several purposes during the check-in process, and the user must be aware of all of this. Below we have provided important details on ways to check in before your flight, do read them all.

Check-in and boarding pass guide for Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines’ check-in procedure is as straightforward as choosing a seat and watching for takeoff. The online check-in process enables travelers to fulfill their check-in requirements and tasks for Alaska flights at their convenience, whether they are at home or work. When you check luggage for one of their flights, you have to make sure that all of your checked bags are processed and a valid boarding permit is obtained by the deadlines.

Baggage drop-off for passengers departing from Guadalajara is 90 minutes whereas Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Salt Lake City all have a 45-minute baggage cutoff. To avoid being rebooked on a later flight if you are just bringing carry-on luggage, you must check in no later than the minimum cut-off period with a valid boarding pass in hand. Here, Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia have a 45 minutes check-in cut-off whereas Guadalajara has a 90-minute check-in period.

Top Ways to Check-in:

  1. Checking in online



Instead of checking in at the airport, go directly to the boarding gate, thanks to the online check-in option. You may do online check-in any time between one and twenty-four hours before takeoff. Once done, you should print your boarding pass. If you want to check bags, you may easily pay for checked baggage online with a credit or debit card, then bring it to the baggage drop-off point. Additionally, you can upgrade to first class, modify your assigned seat, and print a receipt for your travel. Lastly, check the flight information displayed at the airport to confirm the departure time and assigned boarding gate before you board.


  • Steps for online check-in


  • Open a web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or another one.
  • Now type “Alaska Airlines check-in” into the search box and select the top SERP result that shows.
  • Alternatively, you can go straight there to the online check-in page.
  • Always be prepared with Confirmation Code, E-ticket number, Mileage plan number, or Credit card number before beginning the process.
  • You will be required to complete a small form on the aforementioned website. Simply enter the location from which you are departing and present your Alaska Airlines reservations confirmation.
  • You can click “Continue” after entering the aforementioned information.
  • Then till the end, adhere to the guidelines.
  • After completing the online check-in, you can print your E-pass.


This web sign-up procedure is incredibly efficient and time-saving, and it can hasten the scanning process. Web boarding gives you boarding choices and lets you print your boarding card from your computer. Before the scheduled flight, you can select your seat, dining options (if applicable), and other options as well as check your luggage in advance.


  1. Check-in kiosk


For inspections, use the check-in kiosks that are available at all Alaska Aviation System airports.


  • Only carry-on luggage


Until 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time on the departure calendar day, you may check in. Purchase first-rate upgrades, modify seat allocations, and print travel receipts, just like online check-in. You can head straight to the boarding gate after using the kiosk to print your boarding card.

  • With Checked Baggage


Four hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight, you can pay for checked baggage at the check-in desk. Enter the luggage check-in area once the boarding pass has been printed. Please refer to their airport guide to find out when to arrive at the Alaska Airlines tickets booths as they might not open till the time of your departure.


  1. Mobile check-in


For the majority of international flights, you can check in using the mobile app up to an hour before takeoff; for the majority of domestic flights, you can do so up to an hour before takeoff. You must input your departure city, your confirmation code, your mileage plan number, and your E-ticket number to check in using a mobile device. If you have viewed it at least once using your mobile app, you can access your mobile boarding pass (online or offline) after checking in by selecting the Boarding Pass button. It must be presented at the boarding gate, security checkpoint, and bag drop place.


In addition to the above methods, you may also check in at the ticket counter for your Alaska Airlines flights. You must check in between 40 minutes and 4 hours before the scheduled departure time.


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