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Accept Local Payments Seamlessly With Multi-Currency Acceptance And Let Your Business Shine Globally

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Accept local payments, and your online business is ready to thrive. This procedure might have spent rewards a few years ago. But now, by providing only these local payment methods to your buyers, you risk losing far behind your rivals.

To stop this from occurring, it’s essential to regard local payment methods. If you even don’t know about them, or your business hasn’t yet delivered these payment methods to your buyers. Then you will have to think about how your online business can deliver alternative payment methods as soon as possible to maintain up with other businesses.

In this blog, you will know about the primary local payment methods of eCommerce businesses. And how you will get more benefits by delivering them to your buyers.

What are Local Payment Methods?

These payment methods comprise bank transfers, eWallets, installment payments, and digital payments. Briefly, all methods are alternatives to famous credit cards and cash.


As soon as these payment methods were provided to buyers, they were admired for their high level of protection, simplicity, and comfort. Already, more than 42% of all online payments globally are performed using these methods. And you can also be convinced that this number will only grow by 2022.

What are the Most Famous Local Payment Methods Today?

One of the most famous local methods of payment for online products and services is online payments performed by using eWallets. After all, it’s so comfortable and suitable to save funds in your digital wallet, and when you will require to buy something. So, just sign in to your account and transfer funds to the required details. Trendy digital wallets deliver such a high level of security that it is quite comfortable for you to renounce your money.

The next alternative method is bank transfers. However, this method is like online payments. But in this subject, you provide your bank account information. If you do not like to provide similar payment data next time. Then it is sufficient to save the essential data for the payment in the account of one of the payment solutions.

Making payments in installments is a wonderful way to receive the product you require. Even if you don’t have sufficient money to purchase it right now. If you have authorized your credit card with this type of payment method. You can also take benefit of a payment mode which is “Buy Now and Pay Later.

Why Would Businesses Provide Their Customers With Local Methods of Payment?

Certainly, you can start to receive payments for products via standard methods. But keep in mind that by functioning this way, your customers will quit. Trust me, nowadays most businesses are ready to provide them with any payment methods to tempt customers and none of your conceivable buyers will exit your eCommerce website. Similarly, he will reach your rivals to check whether they have simply no limitations on payment methods and other important features.

Moreover, there is nothing more destructive for a buyer than to reach out to a credit card refusal when they are almost to buy something. If you can provide them with an alternate option in the form of payment via PayPal or Amazon. Then they will prefer purchasing from your website.

Here are some various good reasons to accept local payments by adding local payment methods:

  • Effective Sales Evolution: One Poland business gained a 46.9% growth in online transactions by providing the PayPal Express Checkout payment mode to accept local payments Poland.
  • Global Honor: Local payment methods are known across the world, and by providing Amazon Pay or PayPal you deliver choices for buyers not only locally, but globally also.
  • A High Level of Faith: In spite of the high favor of credit cards as a payment mode, persistent cases of scams make buyers glance toward the securer systems of Apple Pay, PayPal, and others.

A high level of confidence and faith that payment will be conducted safely and fast. That will encourage people to select local payment solutions. And your business will help tempt even more buyers.

Accept Local Payments To Expand Globally

Local payment methods, comprising prepaid cards, mobile transfers, eWallets, bank transfers, and ‘buy now, pay later’ immediate financing, are an international payments spectacle. In Poland, they include around 32% of eCommerce transactions.

For eCommerce businesses desiring to go global, delivering local payment methods is a primary requirement. In 2022, around 78% of all cross-border eCommerce websites will reimburse for using local payment methods.

Here Are Some Primary Benefits Your Ecommerce Business Can Get By Accepting Local Payments:

  • Local language

Details shown in the buyer’s own language are necessary for entire transparency at the checkout platform. Local payment methods receive all the important details of the deal and convert it into the buyer’s language, so disorder is evaded.

  • Local currency

Price details are important when the buyer reaches the checkout platform. Local payment methods transform the price into the buyer’s local currency. So they can view the price details in a setting they comprehend and there is a small range for unplanned traps.

  • Chargeback Responsibility

When merchants accept local payments by using alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Then chargeback responsibility changes from the merchant to the payment service provider. So if, as a merchant, your consumer requests for a chargeback. Then you don’t have to subject this to the buyer, which is what would occur with a normal card payment.

  • Improved security

Alternative payment methods are safe to accept local payments. Because customers don’t need to provide any confidential details. All they provide to the other members is their address (for example their PayPal email address). Also lowers the number of sensitive payment details used in the payment procedure.

  • Fast checkout process

Local payment methods keep buyers’ payment details securely. And that implies those details that a customer has to provide at the checkout are account authentication, like email/password information, or biometric details such as a fingerprint. This is much faster than keeping to re-enter long card information for every buy.

  • Acquaintance

For global customers, existing on a foreign eCommerce business’ website can set up some ignorances. And that could be the dissimilarity between transforming at the checkout or quitting the shopping cart. Local payment methods deliver the security and understanding that buyers usually require to have faith in the merchant.

  • Multiple Choices at Checkout

Local payment methods deliver numerous payment choices for the buyer. Besides standard credit or debit cards. In most countries, they are the best payment method, and so by providing customers the option. So you are expanding the possibility of a finished purchase.


You just don’t worry about how to deliver to your buyers with leading payment choices. Just contact InstantCharge and immediately get numerous most popular payment methods, a high level of protection, and other advantages.

InstantCharge delivers various local payment methods famous in various markets across the globe. Our team of payment experts will function with you to comprehend your eCommerce business strategies. And will suggest you accept local payments which are essential to increase your sales. To explore how InstantCharge can expand the number of payment choices you provide and bring your business to the next level, please get in touch with us now!

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