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6 Innovative Ways to Revamp Your PG Room

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College life is all about having fun, being free, and making new friends. Privacy is a non-existent phenomenon in the life of a college student. However, your hostel room or PG in Ahmedabad is a haven of privacy, even if you must share it with your roommate. With everyone talking about the difficulties of hostel life, only a few people see the bright side. Your hostel room is your private paradise. It will be your home for the next three to four years.

So, why not add a personal touch to it? What about redecorating it to your taste and style? After all, this is where you will create some of the most beautiful memories of your college experience. As a result, here are a few awesome hacks to help you transform your living space and personalise it.

1. Using Tape Frames:

Let’s start with the unappealing walls. It can be difficult if your PG rules prohibit you from drilling holes or hammering nails to hang things on the walls. But when have the house rules ever prevented you from following your heart? There is always a loophole somewhere, and luckily, we have a fantastic way to help you personalise your room without drilling holes. Print out some of the pictures that inspire you. It can be anything from motivational quotes to a photo shoot with your favourite film star or a movie poster. Now, get some vibrantly colored tape and use it to stick these photos to your walls. Using these tapes, you could even create some unique frames for the pictures.

2. Bring in Some Extra Seating:

The majority of PG rooms are cramped. Apart from your bed, study table, and an almirah, there is no room for additional furniture. However, most of the time, you and your friends are crammed into a single room. Especially when celebrating a birthday or simply unwinding on a weekend night. The most serious issue you face at such times is a lack of seating arrangements. There are, however, some simple solutions to the problem. Invest in some inexpensive floor pillows or ask your friends to pool their resources to purchase a comfortable bean bag. You can also use waste crates to create a seating stool for your room.


3. Adding Plants are a Great Way to go Green:

Nature lovers can also redecorate their room by bringing in some potted plants. In addition, if you have a balcony or a window, you can turn it into a small potted garden for yourself. Indoor plants for room décor include bamboo, ivy, ferns, cacti, and money plants. You could also experiment with putting succulent plants in your rooms. All of these plants are low maintenance, so they won’t require a lot of effort to keep them looking good. Furthermore, because these plans are natural air purifiers, you will be able to breathe in fresh air in the room.

4. Makeover Your Study Area:

Almost every PG room has a study table and a tiny bookshelf on the wall. This uninteresting piece of furniture can detract from the ambiance of your room. Your study area should be something that inspires you and gives you a good vibe. It should entice you to get out of bed and sit down to study. So, it’s time to give your study area a creative makeover. On your next trip to the market, pick up a nice-looking table lamp. Empty cans can also be used as stationary holders, and designer tapes can be used to decorate your bookshelf.

5. Create a photo wall art of your favourite memories:

If you enjoy photography, you could turn your room into a private photo gallery. Photo wall arts of your favourite

memories or best clicked shots will transform your walls. You could create a single large collage or a series of small collages with varying themes. You could, for example, create a collage of family photos to make yourself feel right at home with your dear ones. You could also create a collage of your absolute favourite college memories. Add fairy lights around these collages to liven up the look of your room.

6. Decorate Using Wall Murals that Glow in the Dark:

If your PG warden allows you to repaint the walls, this is a great way to update the look of your room. You can use these paints to create any design you want on the wall, then turn off the light and watch the magic happen. Furthermore, these paints are widely available online at all major e-commerce sites. Consider going to bed every night and gazing at the awe-inspiring starry night sky. It’s almost as if you’re having an ethereal, out-of-this-world experience. Furthermore, with the lights turned on, only a minimalist design is visible on the wall, implying that your wardens will not be fussed over.

We hope these fantastic ideas inspire you to redecorate your room to the best of your ability. However, we also would not fail to mention that FLH are specilaly designed PG’s for both boys and girls. These properties are themed and decorated in amazing ways. Because we already offer such beautifully designed PG in Ahmedabad or PG in Navrangpura, you might not feel the need to redecorate or personalize it.

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