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5 Types of Dining Tables for a Stylish Home

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Choosing the right dining table will depending on your interior design style, budget, dining table needs and room size. Not only should your dining table comfortably fit in your dining area, but it should be durable and well built.

Dining Table Top Materials

One of the first decisions when choosing a dining table is what’s the table top material to use. Often interior design professionals recommend you consider several different table materials that suit your particular sense of style. There can also many options available on internet for online furniture shopping.

Then compare them on how they suits your lifestyle needs. For example, will the table be used daily by a large family? If so, then durability will be a important factor in your decision. Here are the most popular materials for dining tables.


1. Wooden Dining Table

You can’t go wrong with a classic for sure! Dining tables are made of wood are beautiful and can last for generations with proper maintenance and care. Solid wood tables are one of the most popular choices and available in various variety. Some of the best options are walnut, mahogany, maple, oak and teak. For those looking for a more affordable wooden table, pine is a great choice.

2. Marble Top Dinning

Marble, quartz, or other natural stones are a popular choice for table tops due to their heat resistance, scratch resistance, durability, and aesthetics. If your dining area is not visually looks similar to your kitchen, consider matching your tabletop to your countertops.

3. Glass Top Dining Table

Glass tabletops allow your line of sight to travel freely around the room, creating and giving the impression of spaciousness. They are durable, elegant, and understated discreet to allowing other interior elements of your decor to take center stage. Glass dining table set might not be ideal for homes with young children, as they quickly prone to fingerprints. Some glass tabletops can have sharp edges which may not be the suitable for small children.

4. Tile Top Dining Table

The tile adds a pop of color and visual interest to your dining tables, as well as providing a durable finish surface. You can usually put hot dishes directly on top of the tile, neglecting the need for a trivet or hot plate.
Tiled tables look great or ideal for outdoor dining areas and are protect to damage from weather and moisture.

5. Plastic Dining Table

A plastic dining tables are lightweight, easily stored, and budget friendly that don’t break the bank. They are also easy to clean, making them perfect for homes with children, or outdoor dining areas. The downside to plastic is that can be disposable to staining if spills are not clean up quickly. In addition a plastic tables may not suit all design styles and can look cheap.

Dining Table Shapes

The shape of the dining table will may be depends on the size of your room and how many people you want to accommodate means its capacity.

1. Rectangular

The most common and popular shape for a dining table is a rectangular. They work well fit with the dimensions of most dining rooms and can usually seat six people, with plenty of room with enough space for serving meal dishes in the middle. The rectangular dining table is available in 4 seater dining table online, 6 seater.

2. Square

Perfect for small apartments or small dining rooms, a square table will seats 4 without taking up too extra space. In large dining rooms, add a hutches or sideboards & buffets matched or contrasting to balance space of room.

3. Oval

If you need space for six or more diners, but prefer a curved line profile, choose an oval table. Oval dining tables have a little bit less room for serving meals dishes but are easier to move around. Oval dining tables are good choices which suitable for smaller rectangular rooms with a little less space as there are no corners available to get in the way.

4. Round

The most intimate dining experience can be found at a circular dining table. Plan to serve from the buffet cabinet or the kitchen — there won’t be much room on the table for anything other than place settings. A round tables are excellent for communications and are often used when more extra space is needed.

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