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5 Genius Apps to Plan a Perfect Vacation

by Miya Moore
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Planning the trip is never easy. Especially if you are traveling with friends or group of people the process can turn into a real nightmare. You need to search for the must-see destinations of the city, explore best bars and restaurants, apply for ETIAS visa waiver, look for the affordable accommodation, buy plane tickets and so on. Besides, you need to consider the preferences of everyone who are taking the trip with you. Sounds exhausting, right? – Yes, we know and this is why, we have got you covered. In this article we will provide the list of 5 genius apps for your smartphone that can help you in this exhausting process, so let’s go.


How to Plan a Perfect Vacation Easily – Featuring the 5 Genius Apps for Your Smartphone


TripIt is a fantastic app for those who are lazy enough to plan everything manually. All you have to do is to send booking confirmations from your Gmail (or other email service) account to the TripIt account. It takes TripIt several minutes to offer you the best overall itinerary with a customization possibility. Using TripIt means that you don’t have to worry about frustrating details anymore. – The app tells you when is the time to get to the airport, what is the best way to get to the airport, when to check in at your hotel, which sightseeing to see and their opening hours etc.

TripIt features free as well as Pro plans. Premium service has additional snippets like flight alerts, cheap flight and accommodation finders and so on. It is available on both Android and iOS.




Much like TripIt, Sygic app makes your life easier too. The apps smart AI generates the best possible itinerary for you and for your friends from the database of 20 million sights, cafes, restaurants and hotels. No matter whether you are a business traveler or simply going on a vacation, Sygic can provide you with everything you might need for your trip.



This is a great app for those who want to monitor cheap flights and accommodations for their upcoming trips. The app not only includes the regular packages, but also features last-minute deals in rather affordable price. Another advantage of the app is that it can predict the fees of flight tickets 10 months before the actual trip with more than 90% accuracy. What this means for you is that you can start planning your vacation a year before, knowing the average budget of your trip in advance. This way you can save up some money little by little, so you don’t have to buy everything at once. The app is available on Android and iOS.


Packing Pro

This is not your average trip planner. Though it can’t provide help in optimizing the route from Louvre Museum to Eiffel Tower, it has other advantages. Packing Pro is a specially-designated app for those who are sick of packing their suitcase and always forget something. All you have to do is to insert the destination country and dates of the trip and voila you have your packing list ready. Customization of the list is also possible. What can we say? – Great job Soldier!



Okay, okay, all these apps for overseas travel by plane. But what about road-trips? Weeeell, we have good news in that regards too. If you found yourself fond of Kerouac’s great adventure on the road or simply decided to take a van across the country or the continent, Roadtrippers can be your best travel buddy.

Just put the starting point and destination in the app and wait for the miracle. The app will generate the best route that you can take from one place to another, helping you to avoid traffic gems, toll roads and others. What’s most important, the app is available on Android and iOS.



In this article we have features the list of 5 genius apps that can be a huge salvation in the time of need. Thanks to highly efficient AI systems of the app all you need to do is to put minor details in the app and that’s it. These apps will find their way to give you most out of you long-waited and well-deserved vacations.




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