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What is infertility?

Every couple has a dream of becoming parents someday. Sadly, not everyone is capable of bringing a life into this world. This is mostly due to infertility. Infertility is the inability of a couple to procreate naturally after 12 months of trying to conceive.

Can infertility be treated?

Due to the advancement in science and technology, a number of treatments are present to solve infertility issues and many fertility clinics has been set up for this purpose. There are various treatments available depending upon your condition such as,

  • Artificial Insemination.
  • IVF.

Which is the most common infertility treatment?

Out of the all the treatments of infertility, IVF is the most common and successful. The words in vitro mean in glass, hence it is basically in glass fertilisation outside the human body. The procedure is carried out in a laboratory by an Embryologist under optimal conditions. One cycle of IVF Cost contains a series of stages. For successful outcomes, each stage has to be done with due care and diligence.

What is an IVF Centre?

An IVF centre or infertility clinic is a place where infertility specialists and trained staff is present to treat fertility problems. Infertility treatments are complex. IVF centres are equipped with all the advanced facilities required for successful infertility treatments. Along with infertility specialists, they have in-built laboratories where the treatment procedure takes place. As compare to general physician or gynaecologist’s clinic, IVF centres have higher probability of successful results. Infertility treatment is a task that needs to be done with due care. Therefore, the IVF centre chosen must be the one already known and experienced in this regard.

Is IVF treatment available in Pakistan?

Due to the advancement of technology, the most challenging disease of infertility is now being treated. Science and technology has turned things around in medical field.

Since 1980s, IVF treatment is available in Pakistan. With rising fertility issues, many IVF centres have been established in Pakistan. Till early 2000s, only four IVF centres were present in Pakistan. IVF treatment in Pakistan has been a huge success. Many foreign patients come to get their infertility treated or to receive specific infertility treatments. However, it is advised that the couples wanting to go for such treatment must do their research beforehand so they don’t become a victim of misinformation. Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic is the largest infertility clinic in the country with highest success rate. It is one of the best IVF centres in Pakistan. Besides, it has contributed greatly towards the success of IVF in Pakistan.

Is there IVF Centre in Multan?

The people of city of saints had to travel to other major cities of the country for their infertility treatments. That was a lot of hassle and expenditure in addition to the infertility treatment’s cost. Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic after making its mark in major cities of Pakistan has now been opened in Multan too. Our Multan IVF centre contains the most experienced and qualified doctors of the field equipped with latest technology to provide you with satisfactory results. Australian Concept is one of the pioneers of IVF treatment in Pakistan.

We aim to provide the best facilities to the people of South Punjab. The best facilities are available, at our Multan IVF centre, with excellent results along with consultancy from the best infertility specialists in the country. Indeed, Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic is the best IVF centre in Multan with a success rate of 65% all over Pakistan

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