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3 Reasons Your Concealer Keeps Creasing (& How To Fix It)

Concealer is among the most versatile items to have in the makeup kit

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Concealer is among the most versatile items to have in the makeup kit. It’s not just a tool to conceal the appearance of dark circles and imperfections and blemishes, but it also can create a sculpted and clean look in a matter of seconds. However, this sought-after face eraser can be a difficult task to master because there are a myriad of things to think about – from the colors, the application, and blendability.

One of the biggest issues with concealers is the creasing. It is caused by a variety of reasons, these annoying lines can ruin the flawless look of your face. But there’s an answer (actually it’s three). We will explain why concealers aren’t completely wrinkle-proof, and then the simple solutions you can apply in the next section:

1. You’re using too much concealer

In the case of concealer flaws, using excessive amounts of formula is one of the biggest mistakes within the text. The days of applying concealer to the under eye with huge triangular forms as it can actually lengthen the face instead of lifting and brighten.


Modify your method to apply your concealer beginning with your tear duct and then apply a small amount under your outer corner your eye, and blend it in using a moist makeup sponge. Make sure avoid applying the concealer too close to your lower lash line because it could make your eyes appear smaller. We also recommend letting the product remain on the skin for around 1-3 minutes because this will increase the durability and the impact of the concealer. While blending, take care not to pull your sponge, as this could cause it to shift and decrease the coverage. Instead, gently apply pressure to the skin by making tiny tapping movements.

Some other tips to take into consideration? If you’re looking to expand the amount of coverage, do thin layers rather than putting it all in one go. This will give you the most natural, flawless second skin finish. Don’t be scared to apply different shades and formulas. In reality, we generally employ a color corrector to smooth out dark circles, before applying the brightening shade to enhance and shape.

2. The Concealer you’re using isn’t working. Formula

Similar to every other product for skincare and makeup selecting the best formulation for your skin is vital. If your concealer is dry or moisturizing or too thin it can result in creasing. For people with aged or dry skin, opt for hydrating and creamy blends. If you’re dealing with oily skin, go for more intense, full-coverage formulas.

3. You Didn’t Make Your Concealer Visible

Making sure you apply your concealer correctly is among the most important steps in makeup to stop the creasing. But, it can also be an extremely dangerous area for mistakes in makeup when applying too much, and it appears powdery, but too little, and it’s going around the entire day.

To create a look that is not cluttered with makeup take a large, fluffy brush in your setting powder loose, then wipe off any excess, and then sweep it across your eyes. To make it more durable make sure you add an additional layer.

If you’re looking for your makeup to stay in place from the day to night, it’s time to bake. After you’ve blended your concealer, soak a moist makeup sponge in your setting powder, wash off any excess and place a small amount of the setting powder with the motion of dabbing. Be cautious not to apply excessive amounts of powder. We’ve said it previously, it’s always best to apply the powder in layers to avoid a cakey or sloppy look. Make sure you remove any excess powder using an easy bristle when the product has been baked for a couple of minutes.

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